Improvement of de DIY Teepee, so the fabric won’t go down

Lars liggend in de tipi
!Waiting for translation!

Vorig jaar heb ik een blog geschreven hoe je zelf een leuke DIY tipi kunt maken. Mijn zoontje Lars is super blij met zijn tipi, alleen we werden helemaal gek van het zakken van de stof aan de bovenkant. Als ik de tipi maar even verplaatste, dan zakte alle stof naar beneden. Daar heb ik uiteindelijk een oplossing voor gevonden, maar tot nu toe nog geen tijd gehad om er iets over te schrijven. Nu lekker vakantie, dus ik dacht laat ik eens een start maken. Continue reading “Improvement of de DIY Teepee, so the fabric won’t go down”

DIY: Pillow for in the Teepee

Waiting for translation!!

Tipi met tipikussen
It’s more than half a year ago since I wrote a blog. Time flies, I was so busy with all kind of things and all the time I had some half finished posts for the Blog waiting for me. Like the Teepee pillow for with the teepee that I made last year in october. Next to my two Blogs I also have a job as Business controller for three days in a week and also a webshop for hobbymaterials and beads. Last year I started to move some products from the old wbeshop tot the new site Cottonandcandles. With the old site I had to do all the programming myself and I also didn’t liked the name anymore. That’s why I decided to go for the new site, which gives me much more opportunities, and no more programming myself. But in the end it turned out to be much more work than I thought it would be to move all the 2500 products to the new site. So for the last 4 months I was working on the site. It’s still not finished yet, but it starts to look like something. Next to the beads, I’m also selling yarn to knit or crochet, other hobbymaterials and Sewing stuff. If you want to, you can see it for yourself here You can change the language into English on top of the site, left Continue reading “DIY: Pillow for in the Teepee”

DIY: make your own tipi / teepee tent

the tipi with all acceesoiries is ready

!!!Working on the translation!!!

Like a lot of little kids, my son Lars is crazy about tents. So it seems nice to make him a teepee (tipi) tent. After some search on the internet I found a couple examples. Then the search for the perfect fabric started. I knew the teepee shouldn’t be too small, because I could imagine that papa and mama need to play with Larsman in the teepee too. And a big teepee means a lot of fabric, so I wanted not to expansive fabric. And preferabel one that fits on different places in the house. And be great for a boy. Pfew, that made it difficult to find the perfect fabric.   Continue reading “DIY: make your own tipi / teepee tent”