DIY crochet advent calendar 2018

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Adventskalender 2018 goodlives
Ik probeer ieder jaar iets leuk voor kerst te maken. Inmiddels heb ik al een aardige verzameling met DIY kerst projectjes (Find my other Christmas project here) , en voor 2018 wilde ik natuurlijk ook weer iets leuks maken. Een paar weken geleden zag ik bij Minkesthuis op Instagram dat zij echt een super mooie adventskalender gehaakt heeft. Vorig jaar had ze ook al zo’n mooie gemaakt. Toen had ik vanwege mijn scriptie echt helemaal geen tijd. Dit jaar heb ik iets meer tijd en besloten om de adventskalender dit jaar wel te maken. Ik heb eens even goed in mijn wol restanten en in de voorraad van mijn webshop Cottonandcandles gekeken wat ik zou kunnen gebruiken om de adventskalender naar mijn zin te maken. Continue reading “DIY crochet advent calendar 2018”

DIY mothersday gift

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De pot is klaar - DIY Moederdagcadeau 2018
A few weeks ago I was at the #letsmeetlunch, organised by Joandi Loes from Hemelryk. We did a great workshop, given by Sanne (lille.hus on Instagram), on wich we made a living Eco system with small plants in a big Mason jar. When I drove home, I was already thinking about how I can make a great mothersday gift out of this. Continue reading “DIY mothersday gift”

Easter: DIY bowl with easter bunny for the little easter eggs

Easter bowl with bunny and eggs into the DIY bowl,
Are you also enjoying the second easter day? Or don’t you have a second easter day? I love it that extra day. For us it’s more an extra vacation day, so we can work in the house or go outside if the weather is good. And of course we eat too much, for example all the chocolate eggs in this small bowl ;-). No just kidding, they’re not finished yet. Since it’s already second easter day it’s a little bit late for an easter DIY, but I still wanted to share it with you. Otherwise I have to wait a year and you can also use the idea for other opportunities. With other dolls, animals or statues you can give it a complete other look and feeling. Continue reading “Easter: DIY bowl with easter bunny for the little easter eggs”

Knitting a beige cable blanket (DIY)

Beige DIY knitted cable blanket on wooden box
With spring coming in a few weeks, there will be lovely days to sit outside. In the beginning it will be a little bit cold in the evenings, so a nice blanket will give you some warmth. With this in my mind, I started knitting a lovely cable blanket. Continue reading “Knitting a beige cable blanket (DIY)”

Easter: Coloring easter eggs in black and white (DIY)

Coloring easter eggs in black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives

For a few years I had the idea in my head to make some nice Easter eggs, by coloring them black and white. I want to use plastic eggs for it, so I can use them for a couple of years as decoration for Easter. On Pinterest I saw sometimes beautiful eggs, but some are way too difficult to make for me. And most of the time I didn’t have time to make the DIY because I always had something to do for my study. But since I graduated I have a lot more time on my hands for my Blog. So with Easter coming soon in about three weeks from now, I finally started with coloring the eggs like I had in mind. Continue reading “Easter: Coloring easter eggs in black and white (DIY)”