Easter: Coloring easter eggs in black and white (DIY)

Easter eggs ready for easter 2018 GoodlivesIG

Coloring easter eggs in black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives

For a few years I had the idea in my head to make some nice Easter eggs, by coloring them black and white. I want to use plastic eggs for it, so I can use them for a couple of years as decoration for Easter. On Pinterest I saw sometimes beautiful eggs, but some are way too difficult to make for me. And most of the time I didn’t have time to make the DIY because I always had something to do for my study. But since I graduated I have a lot more time on my hands for my Blog. So with Easter coming soon in about three weeks from now, I finally started with coloring the eggs like I had in mind.

The eggs finished2, colored with a black permanent marker, Easter 2018 Goodlives
I can tell you now that it’s not easy to color these easter eggs. I have some paint experience, but had a lot of troubles keeping the lines the way I wanted it and a mistake was made very easy.

What do you need
1. White plastic eggs. I bought them at Action in a box of 8 pieces. They are packed in a nice carton box like it’s the real deal.
2. A little paint standard/tool for easter eggs. I bought mine at Action, but I also saw them at Hema.
3. Black permanent markers in different sizes. I had mine already for some time, but I think you can buy them everywhere.

The eggs:
The eggs from the Action, Easter 2018 Goodlives
The tool:
The painting standard/Tool to color the eggs black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives
The markers:
The markers to draw, Easter 2018 Goodlives

All the time I started with an egg in the standard and then I started painting some small cirkels for example. After that I filled the white spaces outside the rounds with black.
Egg1 coloring for Easter 2018 Goodlives
Or a little bit bigger rounds:
Egg2 coloring eggs in black and white for Easter 2018 Goodlives
Work in progress, drawing on eggs in black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives

I hold the striped eggs into my hand and painted it per stripe and turning the egg around.
Spiral drawing on egg Easter 2018 Goodlives
Closeup making a spiral Easter 2018 Goodlives

Sometimes the color needed some drying time, so I started with a new egg then. So many design in my head already ;-).
Unfinished eggs, painting eggs in Black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives

The crosses were a little bit difficult, specially in the end when I had to make the last crosses between the first and the last one I did before. I started with the egg in the tool, but finally I had to take it out, because of coloring the top and bottom of the egg.
Crosses on Egg in black and white, Easter 2018 Goodlives.nl

Easter eggs in Black and white ready for Easter 2018 Goodlives
The eggs finished 3 , drawing eggs in black and white for Easter 2018 Goodlives

I wasn’t easy to make it the way I wanted, but now in the end I’m satisfied with the results. I have a lot more ideas to draw on the eggs and maybe I want to put some varnish on the eggs to keep them protected. Only I don’t know which varnish yet. I don’t want the eggs to become yellowish of the varnish. So if someone has a tip for that? If I tried some varnish I wil show you the results here on the blog.

The eggs finished1, coloring of eggs in black and white, Goodlives.nl
Finished eggs 4 drawing eggs in black and white for Easter 2018 Goodlives

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