DIY: coloring for Grown-ups, footstool from Hema (Hemahack #1)

Footstool from Hema in use, square

Last week I was at Hema and suddenly my eye felt on this carton footstool. What a funny little footstool from Hema.
Carton footstool
They were reduced in price from € 4,50 to € 1,00, so no money at all. They only sell them in two colors, one in the colors mint/beige and the other one in cream/beige. I bought the one with mint for the new room of Larsman. Love the form of the stools, only the colors aren’t really blending with the rest of my house.  Continue reading “DIY: coloring for Grown-ups, footstool from Hema (Hemahack #1)”

First Blogpost on

Part of our living room with fireplace and light colored accessories

So nice of you to read my first blogpost on Goodlives. I doubted some time if I wanted to start this Blog, since I also write Blogs for Cakes and Pumps, my lifestyleblog. Two Blogs is a little bit busy, but I like to Blog. Only I think that on my other Blogs there is not so much room for Interior design, renovating and home accessories. Not on my foodblog, since this is about food and also not on my lifestyleblog, because I don’t want that one to turn into an interior Blog. But I felt that it is time to finish the house and to style it with nice decorations. And I have a lot of ideas that I like to with you and hopefully I will feel a little more pressure to finish the unfinished things in the house:-). So finally I decided to start this Blog.
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