DIY: Alternative Christmas wreath

Alternatieve kerstkrans DIY

Every year I try to make a new DIY for Christmas (see here for an overview of my Christmas DIY projects)
Last year I made this alternative Christmas wreath to hang on a door. Unfortunately I didn’t make pictures during the DIY, but I can tell you what I did to make the wreath.
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DIY: Little car with Christmas tree on the roof (Actionhack #01)

DIY cars from Action Nederland with Christmas tree on roof on

Sinterklaas is out of the country, so Sunday I moved all the Sint decorations to our attic and started the search for our Christmas decorations. We haven’t bought the tree yet, we want to buy one in our little village. I really love the period right before Christmas and Christmas itself. All the beautiful lights, the Christmas trees in different sizes and Christmas decorations. But what Ilike the most is making my own DIY Christmas decorations. Every year I try to make something new for our Christmas collection, an overview of the Christmas DIY projects that I made for this Blog can you find here. For this year the first project is already finished, a little car with a Christmas tree on the roof. You see them a lot on Instagram, but I still like them. And they are very easy to make. Continue reading “DIY: Little car with Christmas tree on the roof (Actionhack #01)”

Sinterklaas styling in Black and White (#DIY)

Sinterklaas styling

No one could have missed that Sinterklaas, the Dutch child legend is back in town. My sun Lars starts to realise who Sinterklaas is. Last week he still called him a gnome, because of his big white beard I guess, but since the Sint has landed, he really became Sinterklaas. Super nice to see him so enthousiast about the good old man, and mama is even more enthousiastic;-).
Finally I have a reason to decorate the house with nice Sinterklaas decoration, although I don’t have a lot of time. At the end of october my colleges at Nyenrode started again (next to my normal job) and I’ve been working on my Master thesis proposal for a couple of weeks now. But it’s so nice to make a few little DIY projects and I do need a break sometimes. So I made a couple of things for the Sinterklaas styling in our house. Continue reading “Sinterklaas styling in Black and White (#DIY)”

DIY: coloring for Grown-ups, footstool from Hema (Hemahack #1)

Footstool from Hema in use, square

Last week I was at Hema and suddenly my eye felt on this carton footstool. What a funny little footstool from Hema.
Carton footstool
They were reduced in price from € 4,50 to € 1,00, so no money at all. They only sell them in two colors, one in the colors mint/beige and the other one in cream/beige. I bought the one with mint for the new room of Larsman. Love the form of the stools, only the colors aren’t really blending with the rest of my house.  Continue reading “DIY: coloring for Grown-ups, footstool from Hema (Hemahack #1)”