Alternative Christmas tree on canvas with real christmas decorations

Alternative Christmas tree on canvas DIY-IG on

Alternative Christmas tree on canvas DIY on

A few years ago I made an alternative Christmas tree on a wooden plank, with a lot of small Christmas balls and mini Christmas ornaments. I fastened it on the wooden plank with little hooks. I liked it a lot, so decided I wanted to make a bigger one too. Only the bigger one that I had in mind, must be around 200 x 120 cm and that’s really heavy if you want to make it with wood. After Christmas I have to store it until next year and I didn’t like the idea of carrying such a heavy thing to the attic. So I let the idea go for a while. And suddenly this year I had an idea, after a failing attempt of assembling a canvas for a painting idea.

Years ago I bought a canvas of 160 x 120 cm, that you have to assemble yourself. Last summer I finally tried to do that. But it was a disappointing experience, the canvas stayed wrinkly and it was almost too small for the frame. A waste of time to make a painting out of it, but also a waist to throw away. And now I’m happy that I didn’t throw it away. Because it’s perfect for my alternative Christmas tree idea.
Painting the alternative Christmas tree on canvas on

First I draw a Christmas tree on the canvas and than I colored it with green paint after that. As a green color I used nr 622 Olive green dark from Talens paint Amsterdam. And for the trunk of the tree I used nr 409 Omber, also from Talens Amsterdam.
Alternative Christmas tree on canvas with the first Christmas balls added,
Then I started fastening the balls and Christmas decorations with copper wire onto the canvas. Last couple of months I found a lot of Christmas balls and decorations at Action Nederland, but also at Karwei and Hema.
From a roll of thin, good pliable copper colored wire, I cut pieces of around 8-10 cm wire. I sticked the wire through the eye of the Christmas ball, double folded it, turned it around a couple of times, so there was an eye. With a tweezer I made two holes in the canvas and sticked both of the ends of the wire through a hole. At the other side of the canvas I twisted the iron wire again and then double folded it again, so it wouldn’t damage a wall when hanging on it. On the picture below you see in the red circle the two holes with the wire through the canvas.
Alternative Christmas tree on canvas, example how to fix the decoration,

That way, I filled the complete alternative Christmas tree on the canvas with balls, hearts and other Christmas decorations. Below you can see a close-up from the beginning and from when the tree was finished.
Closeup alternative Christmas tree on canvas on
Close-up alternative Christmas tree on canvas DIY on

I’m very happy with the result of the DIY, I think this will be in our Christmas house for many years;-).
I made some more DIY projects for Christmas. You can find the Blogs about it here.

Alternative Christmas tree on canvas DIY-IG on

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